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CNC Turning Service - Order Turned Parts Online

With meviy, you can order your specific turned parts quickly and easily online by uploading your 3D CAD file. We also offer a wide range of materials and surface treatments with which you can manufacture your turned parts at meviy.

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Example of a turned part manufactured with meviy.

Our Range of Materials and Surface Treatments

Surface Treatment
  • EN 1.1191 equiv.*
  • EN 1.0038 equiv.
  • EN 1.7220 equiv.*
  • EN 1.2510 equiv.*
  • EN 1.2379 equiv.*
  • EN 1.2344 equiv.*
  • EN 1.3505 equiv.*
Stainless Steel
  • EN 1.4305 equiv.
  • EN 1.4301 equiv.
  • EN 1.4401 equiv.
  • EN 1.4125 equiv.*
  • EN AW-2017 equiv.
  • EN AW-5056 equiv.
  • EN AW-6061 equiv.
  • EN AW-7075 equiv.
  • EN CW614N equiv.
  • POM (Acetal, Standard, white)
  • POM (Acetal, Standard, black)
  • MC Nylon (Standard, blue)
  • MC Nylon (Weather resistance, black ash)
  • ABS (Standard, black)
  • ABS (Standard, natural color)
  • PC (Standard, transparent)
  • PC (Standard, black)
  • PP (Standard, natural color)
  • Flourine (PTFE, Standard, white)
  • PEEK (Standard, grey-brown)
  • PPS (Standard, natural color)
  • Acrylic (Standard, transparent)
  • UHMWPE (Standard, white)
  • PVC (Standard, grey)
Surface Treatments
  • Black Oxide
  • LTBC-Surface-Treatment
  • Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Hard Chrome-Plated
  • Trivalent Chromated (Clear)
  • Trivalent Chromated (Black)
  • Salt Bath Nitriding
  • Phosphating (Manganese)
  • Anodize (Clear)
  • Anodize (Black)
  • Anodize (Black Matt)
  • Hard Anodize (Clear)

* Heat treatment is available.

You can find more detailed information on our range of materials and surface treatments in our specifications.

Introduction to CNC turning

The following article highlights the basics of CNC turning (Computerized Numerical Control), a fundamental process in modern manufacturing technology. In turning, material is removed from a workpiece using rotating cutting tools to manufacture complex shapes and precise components. Similar to milling, CNC lathes also offer numerous advantages over manual processes. Automation enables more precise and repeatable results, which leads to increased product quality and efficiency in production.

The lathes operate using predefined programs, known as CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) systems, which control the movements of the cutting tool. These programs are created using CAD software and include PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) about the parts to be produced and the required turning operations. There are various types of turning tools that are used depending on the requirements of the workpiece and the desired surface finish. Typical tools include turning tools, boring bars and taps.

The choice of material is an essential aspect of turning. Various materials such as metals, plastics and composites can be machined. The right choice of material and the adjustment of cutting speeds are crucial for the machining quality and tool life. Turning is used in various industries, including the automotive industry, aerospace, electronics and medical technology. It enables the manufacture of precise parts and components for complex devices and machines.

Example of a turned part manufactured with meviy.

Accuracy and precision depend on various factors, including the quality of the machine, the choice of tools and the experience of the operator. Thorough planning and programming are crucial to the success of turning operations. Overall, turning with CNC machines offers an efficient and precise method of manufacturing high-quality parts and components. With the continuous development of technology and tools, turning remains an important part of modern manufacturing technology.

Turned Parts of the highest Quality in meviy

Example of a turned part manufactured with meviy.
Example of a turned part manufactured with meviy.
Example of a turned part manufactured with meviy.
Example of a turned part manufactured with meviy.
Example of a turned part manufactured with meviy.