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Online manufacturing platform for CNC milling and sheet metal parts

Online On-Demand Manufacturing - free service from MISUMI

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Don't waste time and effort sourcing components online. Easier and faster than ever with meviy.

  • Get instant price
    and delivery time

    Now save time compared to traditional contract manufacturing by getting an instant quote in seconds with price and delivery time specifically for CNC milling parts and sheet metal parts.

  • Automatic 3D CAD
    component analysis

    Compared to the known contract manufacturing, the creation of 2D manufacturing drawings is no longer necessary. During CAD upload the part analysis is done automatically.

  • Quality through proven
    manufacturing process

    Despite the shortest delivery time in the meviy manufacturing process, meviy delivers custom sheet metal and CNC machined parts in the usual MISUMI quality.

meviy in 2 minutesDigital Revolution 4.0 for the manufacturing industry

meviy is an optimized on-demand manufacturing service from MISUMI for component procurement. When uploading 3D CAD data, an artificial intelligence (AI) immediately determines prices and delivery time. Compared to conventional contract manufacturing, meviy is available 24/7 and promises fast delivery in addition to the usual very high MISUMI quality.

meviy is an innovative service for component procurement in the manufacturing industry. Upon uploading 3D CAD data, AI instantly quotes prices and delivery dates of components used in the model. meviy is available 24/7 and promises, in addition to the usual very high MISUMI quality, a fast delivery time.

Benefit from meviy for the following product categories

Sheet metals

Sheet Metals




Maximum design freedom: meviy sheet metal processing, for special sheet metal shapes immediately determines price and delivery time. Via meviy, you can check the production time in the shortest possible time, and you can order sheet metal online. The selectable sheet metal materials, as well as surface coatings increase the design freedom.

Machined plates

Machined plates



Precise special shapes: Determine parameters exactly as you need them and define hole shape, as well as tolerances according to your requirements. Via the meviy CNC shop and the individual production, you can have special components via CNC machining in the shortest possible time and order your customized CNC parts online.


Strict quality standards and inspection systems

QM Sign

The production of meviy milled parts and sheet metal parts is carried out only by manufacturers who adhere to strict quality standards and is limited to MISUMI's own production facilities.

We achieve highest manufacturing accuracy through our high demands on production quality.

Precision standards for sheet metals

Accuracy standards for machined plates

meviy customers say:90% of customers noted a time saving.

We regularly conduct surveys with our Japanese customers who have been using meviy and the On-Demand production for a long time. Customers who have requested quotes or placed orders noted a positive impact on, for example, shortening of design time, adherence to delivery date, and high quality.



  • Design and procurement
    time is shortened


  • Delivery on the specified
    day without delay


  • High-quality component
    is delivered


Security informationYour data is well protected

  • 1

    Communication at the time of data upload is encrypted and prevents data leakage.

  • 2

    No intrusion from the outside for data protection.

  • 3

    Data cannot be accessed between users.(*1)

    * 1) Except when the project sharing function is explicitly used.
  • Other major security measures

    Security vulnerability diagnosis by a third party organization is conducted once or twice a year. No serious issues such as server intrusion or data leakage were detected. Periodically determine the necessity of applying security patches for OS, middleware, etc., and apply patches.

No installation required You can use it immediately with your MISUMI Account

CAD User accounts have access but they do not allow orders.


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System requirements for meviy web app

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
RAM: 1 GB (3 GB or more recommended)
Display: 1,280 x 1,024 px (1,600 x 1,200 or more recommended)
Internet connection: 100 Mbps or higher recommended
Browser: Google Chrome (recommended), Internet Explorer 11 or later

Compatible and supported file formats:

Native file format
Autodesk Inventor .ipt
Creo neu / .prt / .xpr
Pro/Engineer .prt / .neu / .xpr
Siemens NX .prt
SolidEdge .par / .pawd
I-deas .arc / .unv
Neutral file format
ASTEP .step / .stp
Parasolid .x_t / .x_b / .xmt_txt / .xmt_bin
ACIS .sat / .sab / .jt / .prc