On-demand Custom Mechanical Parts

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  • Sheet Metal

    • Material: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum and resin
    • Size: Various sheet thicknesses with length up to 1200mm
    • Tolerance Selection: Standard or individual
    • Surface treatment: From powder paint to electroless nickel plating
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  • CNC Turning

    • Material: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and resin
    • Size: Diameter up to 300mm, Length up to 1000mm
    • Tolerance Selection: Standard or individual
    • Surface Treatment: From nitrocarburizing to phosphating, heat treatments available
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  • CNC Milling

    • Material: Steel, stainless steel, aluminum and resin
    • Length: Up to 600mm
    • Tolerance Selection: Standard or individual
    • Surface Treatment: From anodize to black oxide
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  • No 2D-Drawing Needed
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Quick and efficient Precision manufacturing can benefit all industries

  • Additive Manufacturing Additive Manufacturing
  • Automotive Automotive
  • Electronics Electronics
  • Energy Energy
  • Industrial Industrial
  • Machine Tools Machine Tools
  • Medical & Pharma Medical & Pharma
  • Packaging Packaging

MISUMI One stop shop - For all you needs

Use meviy to get your customized parts quickly, cheaply, and in the best quality. If you need more than just individual components, we can help here too - without additional registration. meviy is a service from MISUMI, and in the MISUMI webshop, you'll find a selection of more than 20 million standard parts. Cover all your needs without compromising on quality. Benefit from our many years of experience and discover all the advantages of MISUMI!

Data security Your data is well protected

  • We use SSL encryption for communication, similar to credit card encryption.
  • Our system encrypts component data, making it indecipherable even in the event of unauthorized access.
  • Our platform is designed to prevent users from accessing other users' data without explicit release permissions.
  • We regularly conduct security assessments by external organizations to ensure resilience, updates, and resistance to the latest cyber attacks.

Tested and officially certified Our commitment to the highest standards

We take responsibility seriously and do not see it as an empty promise! Since 2008, we have been proud of the continuous certification of our management systems 9001 (Quality) and 14001 (Environment), demonstrating our commitment to excellence in these areas. Furthermore, in 2016, we successfully completed our first energy audit according to DIN 16247-1 to reaffirm our efforts towards efficient energy use and responsible resource management.

Therefore, we strive to regularly renew our certifications and continuously improve. We take pride in making responsibility an integral part of our corporate culture and business practices.

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